Create Your Own Pair

Instantiation by Contract Address

You can use the Terraswap token factory contract.

  • The address on Terra 2.0: terra1466nf3zuxpya8q9emxukd7vftaf6h4psr0a07srl5zw74zh84yjqxl5qul
  • The address on Terra Classic: terra1jkndu9w5attpz09ut02sgey5dd3e8sq5watzm0

The JSON message format is as follows:

  "create_pair": {
    "asset_infos": [
        "token": {
          "contract_addr": "terra..."
        "native_token": {
          "denom": "uluna"

This is a JSON constructor of pair contract.

  • A token pair can be either, contract-based token, or terra-native token
    • asset_infos[x].token.contract_addr: Contract-basd token address is entered here.
    • asset_infos[x].native_token.denom: Terra native token denominator is entered here.

Then, you may execute the contract with the organized JSON above.