Whitelist Assets

Whitelist your asset #

Terraswap aims to be a pure DEX, that anyone can mint & list their own assets. On the contrary of that, many duplicated scams are also listed and it harms to many innocent users, especially crypto newbies. As this matter can harm to grow our ecosystem, we adopt the whitelisting system of Terra repository.

Therefore, for project developers, if you want to unify your asset on Terraswap with your logo, you need to whitelist your asset information on the Terra Asset repository.


As Terraswap aims & is a pure DEX, Terraswap does not judge whether the asset is a genuine or scam. All assets should be treated equally & all users have responsible for their transactions on Terraswap. Terraswap team has been exempted from any loss from its app usage. Be sure that all users are trading the correct token, always check the address before buying.

Find Terra Asset repository #

Please find it on assets repository

Add your asset information #

  1. If your asset is Terra native

    • Modify cw20/token.js
    • Add protocol, symbol, name, token contract address, the path of the icon, and decimals
    • Example
  2. If your asset is IBC token

    • Modify ibc/token.js
    • Add denom, IBC path, base denom, symbol, name, and the path of the icon
    • Example

Add the pair information #

  • Modify cw20/pairs.js
  • Add the pair contract address and its pair assets information
  • Example

[OPTIONAL] Add your non-asset contract informtaion #

If you have more contracts(airdrop, governance, for game playing, etc) but if it is not related your assets, you may put your information on cw20/contracts.js. This whitelisting is applied to Terra finder